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Israel-Finland Chamber of Commerce and Industry


Bilateral chamber of commerce in Israel:

Chairman: Mr. Yuval Yerushalmi
Address: P.O.B 1154, Ramat-HaSharon 47111
E-Mail: yuval@tour-center.net

Sister Bilateral chamber of commerce in the member state:

Finland-Israel Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Embassy in Israel:

Ambassador: H.E. Ms. Leena- Kaisa Mikkola
Commercial attaché: Mr. Jonathan Miodowski
Address: P.O.B 39666 61396 Tel Aviv
Tel.: +972-3-7456600
E-mail: sanomat.tel@formin.fi

Israeli Embassy in the member state:

Ambassador: H.E. Avi Granot
Address: Yrjonkatu 36A, Helsinki 00100, Finland
Tel.: +358-(0)9-6812020
Fax: +358-(0)9-1356959
 E-mail: info@helsinki.mfa.gov.il

EU membership year: 1995
Capital City: Helsinki
Total Area: 338,424 sq km
Population: 5,374,781
Currency: Euro

The country has developed a modern, competitive economy, and is a world leader in telecommunications equipment. Main exports include telecoms equipment and engineering products, paper, pulp and lumber, glassware, stainless steel and ceramics. The economy has rebounded strongly on the back of sharply recovering exports, and unemployment has started to recede. Activity has continue to benefit from firm world trade growth, while renewed confidence and lower unemployment has been supporting the domestic demand, leading to robust investment and output growth in the years ahead. Remaining slack will nevertheless hold inflation down. The fiscal deficit is expected to exceed 3% of GDP during 2011, but is expected to shrink rapidly thereafter. Nevertheless, structural reforms to contain public spending and increase labor force participation, which remains low compared to Nordic peers, remain essential to support medium-term growth and fiscal sustainability.

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