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Bilateral chamber of commerce in Israel:

President: Mr. Michael Itzhar
Address: 8, Har Nevo St., Ramat HaSharon 47225
Tel.: +972-3-5402403
Fax: +972-3-5490931
Website: http://www.israel-portugal.co.il/
E-Mail: il_trade@netvision.net.il

The Chamber Of Commerce Israel-Portugal

The Chamber of Commerce Israel-Portugal provides a meeting point for Israeli & Portuguese companies from various fields. One of our Chamber's main tasks is to increase the awareness of the business potential offered by Portugal, including the existing business opportunities of the Azores Islands and Madeira, and its links with Latin America, Africa and Asia,

Our web site: www.israel-portugal.co.il allows users to get updated information on fairs & exhibitions, new updates, as well as business summaries and reports on trade between the two countries.

The end of direct flights between Israel and Portugal ten years ago has harmed the commerce between the two countries. The Israeli Ministry of Foreign affairs and the Chamber of Commerce are constantly trying to persuade the airline companies to renew these flights, with little success so far.

Mr Michael Itzhar, President of the Chamber of Commerce Israel- Portugal, was awarded by the President of the Portuguese Republic the title of "Officer of the Order of Commercial Merit " for his outstanding contribution to the development of economic and cultural ties between the two countries.

Sister Bilateral chamber of commerce in the member state:
Embassy in Israel:

Ambassador: H.E. Ms. Josefina REIS CARVALHO
Address: 3, Daniel Frisch St., Tel-Aviv 64731
Tel.: +972-3-6956361/73
Fax: +972-3-6956366
E-Mail: eptel@012.net.il

Israeli Embassy in the member state:

Ambassador: H.E. Ehud Gol
Address: Rua Antonio Enes No.16, Lisbon
Tel.: +351-21-0455500
Fax: +351-21-0455555
E-mail: amb-sec@lisbon.mfa.gov.il

EU membership year: 1986
Capital City: Lisbon
Total Area: 92,090 sq km
Population: 10,647,267
Currency: Euro

Portugal's economy is expected to be very weak into 2011, due to strong fiscal consolidation and tight credit conditions. Growth is expected to resume in 2012 as external demand and wage moderation support exports and investment. Unemployment is set to rise further. The government has recently announced a new fiscal tightening package, to shore up the credibility of its deficit-reduction targets. Strictly implementing consolidation measures, as is assumed in the projections, and promptly correcting any slippages in order to meet those targets are essential to reduce the cost of external financing, and thus stave off the major downside risk of a credit contraction. Reforming the budgetary framework is key to reinforcing the sustainability of consolidation. Reducing the duality of the labor market should help boost potential growth.

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