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Israel-Denmark Chamber of Commerce and Industry


Bilateral chamber of commerce in Israel:

Chairman: Mr. Ami Lapidot
Address: P.O.B 3552 Caesarea 38900
E-mail: amr@sit.co.il

Sister Bilateral chamber of commerce in the member state:

Denmark -Israel Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Embassy in Israel:

Ambassador: H.E. Jesper Vahr
Address: 4 Berkowitz St., Museum Tower, 11th floor
Postal address: P.O.B. 21080, Tel Aviv 61210
Tel: +972-3-6085850
E-mail: tlvamb@um.dk
Commercial Counsellor: Ms. Ilana Krasnik
E-mail: ilakra@um.dk

Israeli Embassy in the member state:

Address: Lundevangsvej 4, 2900 Hellerup, Copenhagen
Tel.: +45-88185500
Fax: +45-88185555

EU membership year: 1973
Capital City: Copenhagen
Total Area: 43,075 sq km
Population: 5,557,709
Currency: Danish Krone (DKK)

Denmark has a large fishing industry, and possesses a merchant fleet of considerable size. The manufacturing sector’s main areas of activity includs food products, chemicals, machinery, metal products, electronic and transport equipment, beer and paper and wood products. Tourism is also an important economic activity. The economic crisis has hit Denmark. The implementation of the fiscal consolidation plan would allow the fiscal position to be brought back to a path consistent with long-term targets. However, this requires that the government’s plans to lower public consumption growth are implemented without the drift that has been a feature in the past, especially at the local government level. To limit labor supply distortions, the envisaged income tax hikes could be partly replaced by measures to raise the efficiency of public spending.

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