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Israel-Greece Chamber of Commerce and Industry


Bilateral chamber of commerce in Israel:

Chairman: Mr. Sabby Mionis

3 Shalem st., Ramat Gan 52215, Israel

email: chamber@israelgreece.com

phone number: 053-223-9745

Sister Bilateral chamber of commerce in the member state:

Greece-Israel Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Embassy in Israel:

Ambassador:  Mr Konstantinos Bikas

Address: 3 Daniel Frisch st, 16th floor, Tel Aviv 64731

Tel.: +972-3-6953060

Fax: +972-3-6951329

Email: ambsec.tlv@mfa.gr

Economic and Commercial Affairs: Mrs Vivi Kabouroglou

E-mail:  ecocom-telaviv@mfa.gr

Israeli Embassy in the member state:

Ambassador: Mrs. Irit Ben Abba
Address: 1 Marathonodromou Str.Paleo Psychico 15452 Athens 
Website: athens.mfa.gov.il

E-mail: info@athens.mfa.gov.il  

EU membership year: 1981
Capital City: Athens
Total Area: 131,990 sq km
Population: 11,305,118
Currency: Euro

More than 50% of Greek industry is located in the Greater Athens area, the main economic sectors being agriculture, tourism, construction and shipping. The economy is expected to return to positive growth by 2012 as the impact of structural reforms takes hold and external demand strengthens. Headline inflation has edged up, largely due to tax hikes, but should trend downwards given economic slack and rising unemployment. The rigorous implementation of the Economic Policy Programme agreed in May with the European Commission, European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund will stabilize the level of public debt and boost competitiveness. Success hinges upon strict expenditure control and improvements in tax compliance, coupled with decisive reforms to reduce deep-rooted rigidities in labor and product markets. A strong commitment to longer-term fiscal consolidation and continued structural reforms is essential to secure sustainable finances and to restore confidence and growth.

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