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Israel-Germany Chamber of Commerce and Industry


Bilateral chamber of commerce in Israel:

President: Mr. Michael Federman
General Manager: Mr. Grisha Alroi-Arloser
Assistant Director General: Mr. Michelle Weinberg
Address: 4, Koifman St., Tel-Aviv 68012, Beit Sharbat
Tel.: +972-3-6806800
Fax: +972-3-6133528
Website: http://israel.ahk.de/
E-Mail: info@ahkisrael.co.il

Sister Bilateral chamber of commerce in the member state:

Germany-Israel Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Embassy in Israel:

Ambassador: H.E.  Mr. Andreas Michaelis

Commercial Counsellor: Ms. Anke Popper

Address: 3, Daniel Frish St., 19th fl., Tel-Aviv 64731

Tel.: +972-3-6931313
Fax: +972-3-6969217
Website: www.tel-aviv.diplo.de
E-Mail: info@tel-aviv.diplo.de

Israeli Embassy in the member state:

Ambassador: H.E. Yoram Ben-Zeev
Address: 74-75 Auguste Victoria Str., 14193 Berlin
Tel.: +49-30-89045500
Fax: +49-30-89045309
E-mail: ambsec@berlin.mfa.gov.il  

EU membership year: 1957
Capital City: Berlin
Total Area: 357,021 sq km
Population: 81,757,600
Currency: Euro

Germany is the world's third largest economy, producing automobiles, precision engineering products, electronic and communications equipment, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, and much more besides. Its companies have invested heavily in the central and east European countries which joined the EU in 2004. The economy is recovering strongly on the back of the improvement in world trade. Private consumption, investment and government spending on infrastructure have also been strong. The labor market continues to remain surprisingly resilient and unemployment has now fallen to its lowest level since reunification. Although annual growth is expected to slow somewhat over the projection horizon, the pre-crisis real GDP level should be reached in the course of 2011. Government finances are benefitting from the strong cyclical recovery, although fiscal stimulus measures will lead to an increase of the general government deficit this year. From 2011 onwards the government is planning ambitious consolidation measures in order to fulfill the structural deficit target set by the new fiscal rule. These consolidation policies should be coupled with structural policies to raise the potential growth rate.

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